Since apiculture’s role as an essential service was confirmed, new issues have been raised this week on whether industry support services can still operate, whether MPI will be checking on registered businesses still operating and expectations for personnel traveling while at work. See answers to these concerns below:

  • The MPI registration process has now closed. However, if businesses (including those that support beekeeping operations) did not register as an essential service by Friday last week,  contact MPI by email or phone 0800 00 83 33.
  • Businesses that support beekeeping and other primary sectors (including those that provide services such as vehicle repairs) do have to make decisions on whether it is safe for them to continue operating. It is their choice as to whether they operate as an essential service or not, and some eligible companies are choosing not to.
  • Those businesses that have registered as an essential service with MPI should expect to hear from and be visited by MPI. This week the agency began to visit businesses to check on their new protocols for social distancing, including whether the operational changes referenced in information supplied when registering as an essential service are being applied.
  • Please be aware there is heightened public interest in businesses maintaining social distancing when performing essential services. This extends to workers travelling to and from work and worksites. If you have more than one person in your vehicle, please be well prepared to explain why this is necessary if stopped, and what precautions you are taking to ensure work or home bubbles are not broken.

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