New chief executive of Apiculture NZ Karin Kos.

New chief executive of Apiculture NZ Karin Kos.

The Board of Apiculture New Zealand has appointed Karin Kos as its chief executive, effective from late November 2016. 

Karin has a strong background in business communications going back 20 years, covering a variety of roles including senior communications and marketing positions for corporate, government and primary sector organisations. 

As a result she brings significant primary sector experience to this role, having worked at Seafood New Zealand as its Communications Manager, and at the New Zealand Wool Board, earlier in her career. In both these roles Karin played a strong advocacy role, promoting these sectors on behalf of their members.

“These roles have given me great insight into the value of having a strong industry body, one that can demonstrate the benefits it brings to our economy and our communities, raise its profile in the process, and deliver real value to its members.

“As chief executive I look forward to getting to know the people that work in this industry, to understanding what matters to them and giving them a voice where it counts.”

Karin said New Zealand’s apiculture industry was a vital part of the country’s primary production with significant growth potential. 

“Apiculture New Zealand has a great opportunity to build its credibility and reputation as the peak body and voice for this exciting industry, and it will be both a challenge and a privilege to lead that.