ApiNZ-affiliated beekeeping clubs & hubs throughout the country are busy this month, not just taking care of their hives but working with their local communities to celebrate Bee Aware Month and the importance of the humble honey bee.

If you are new to beekeeping and would like the support of experienced beekeepers in your community, joining a beekeeping club is the best thing to do.

Click on the links below to check out these events open to the public in September (and a few in October!):

Buzz Club Otaki

Saturday, 16 September – Beekeeping for Beginners and Club Stand at Otaki Community Expo

Southland Bee Society

Saturday, 16 September – Intro to Beekeeping Workshop at the Invercargill Spring Eco Fest

Taranaki Beekeepers Club

Monday, 17 September – Refresher Course for American Foulbrood (AFB)

Wellington Beekeeping Association

Monday, 18 September – Beginners Beekeeping Course (6 weeks)

ApiNZ Hawke’s Bay Hub

Tuesday, 26 September – Beginners Beekeeping Course

Whangarei Bee Club

Saturday, 7 October – Club Day

Saturday, 14 October – Spring Training Day for New Beekeepers

Saturday, 28 October – AFB Refresher Course

Rotorua Honey Bee Club

Sunday, 8 October and Sunday, 29 October – Intro to Beekeeping Course

North Canterbury Beekeepers Club

Sunday, 8 October – Hive Day 

Auckland Beekeepers Club

Saturday, 14 October – ABC Field Day