ApiNZ National Honey Competition

New Zealand’s premier honey competition, judged by a panel of internationally trained judges across 12 categories.  Judging will take place before Conference so please check the rules to ensure your entries arrive in time.  Delivery for postage is open from Monday 13 June to Thursday 23 June 2022.  Delivery can be made in person at Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre from 8am – 12pm on Monday 27 June 2022.  Find out more here.

Honey-based commercial food competition

If you are a commercial producer and sell honey-based products commercially or you supply honey to go into food products, you will want to enter this competition. Food items may be sweet or savoury. Suggested examples: cakes, biscuits, food bars, bread, confectionery, sauces, condiments, preserves, marinades, packaged prepared meals or non-alcoholic beverages.  Find out more here.

ApiNZ National Photography Competition

The National Photography Competition is a chance to showcase your skills as a photographer as well as the wonderful world of beekeeping.  You can enter photos into six categories including Scenic Prints, Portrait Prints and Close Up.  This year we’ve introduced a new category; The Beekeeping Business Challenge.  All entries must be made online.  Find out more here.  All entries are due by 5pm Friday 24 June 2022.

Peter Molan Award

The Peter Molan Award was instigated to recognise the efforts of an individual member, or team of people from within the Apiculture Industry, who have made an outstanding contribution in the field of Apiculture Science to advance the betterment of our industry.  Nominations close 8pm Friday 27 May 2022.  Find out more about this award here.

Roy Paterson Trophy

This annual award recognises the most innovative idea, invention or new piece of technology which has been designed to benefit beekeepers.  Nominations for judging will be accepted from members of the industry, or from the individual or company who holds the rights to the innovation. All entries must be lodged at the Conference registration desk no later than 10am Thursday 30 June 2022. Find out more here.

ApiNZ Unsung Hero Award

The ApiNZ Unsung Hero award, also known as the Buzziest Bee Award recognises the efforts of an individual member within the Apiculture Industry, who has gone that extra mile, and given his or her time for the betterment of the industry without seeking recognition or reward.  Nominations must be received by 8pm Friday 27 May 2022. Find out more here.

ApiNZ Sustainability Best Practice Award

The importance of acting sustainably is increasing as the apiculture sector continues to experience strong growth. Apiculture New Zealand recognizes that certain individuals and organisations are accomplishing extraordinary achievements in this area. The ApiNZ Sustainability Best Practice Award is an opportunity to acknowledge and reward those efforts in this crucial area. Entries must be received by 8pm Friday 27 May 2022. Find out more here.

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