Professional Qualifications
Trade certificate in Horticulture

Candidate Statement
Any industry going through such rapid change as the apiculture industry currently is, requires people with proven experience and knowledge to guide it and to help meet the challenges and opportunities that we all face. I believe that I have those skills and wish to offer them as a member of the board of ApiNZ to our members for their benefit and that of the wider industry. I believe that it is imperative that the New Zealand apiculture industry, with the guidance of ApiNZ, must work more cohesively in order to grow further. It is my desire in seeking this position to do my utmost to make this happen and to help implement the levels of research that are required to sustain this growth and to place our industry in the forefront of agri-based industries in New Zealand.

Previous Relevant Experience
Eleven years on the board of the National Beekeepers Association including two years as President and nine years on the AFB PMP. In 2015, I returned to the executive of the NBA and helped with the transition to ApiNZ. I chair the Research focus group and the Technical focus group.

Declaration of Interests
I do some beekeeping consultancy work and have other interests outside of apiculture, as detailed in section five. I understand the duty a board member has to declare any conflict of interest and will do so if the need arises.