Check out these kids’ resources to learn more about bees

Bee Aware Month 2021 Primary students’ activity sheet: bees and flowers made for each

Bee Aware Month 2020 Primary students’ activity sheet: Learn about bees

Bee Aware Month 2020 Primary students’ activity sheet: Learn about Honey

Bee Aware Month 2020 colouring page Te Reo/English

Enviro Hero Fortune Teller Craft (Environmental Protection Authority)

Check out these resources to learn more about bees:

Gardening for Bees (Trees for Bees Research Trust)

Love our pollinators (Environmental Protection Authority)

Staying safe around garden products (Environmental Protection Authority)

Plant for bees this September.

The Trees for Bees Research Trust has a fantastic range of information on what to plant for bees in gardens and on farms, as well as regional planting guides and guides to best plants for bees.

Planting wildflowers is another great way to Feed the Bees.  You can buy bee-friendly seeds through our sponsor Wild Forage here.  All profits from these sales go to supporting Bee Aware Month.

Help Apiculture NZ support bee research and education in New Zealand.  You can make a contribution here.

We are currently planning our 2022 Bee Aware Month campaign!

Bee Aware Month is an annual education campaign run by Apiculture New Zealand each September.  Its aim is to get all Kiwis taking action to support and protect bees.

Last year, the theme of Bee Aware Month was Feed the Bees and we shared information on planting bee-friendly trees and plants and highlighted how important this is to supporting a healthy and resilient bee population.

You can find out more about how to plant for bees from the NZ Trees for Bees Research Trust.

For more great resources from our 2021 campaign please see our links on the left.

Learn more about planting for bees in this webinar with Dr Angus McPherson from the NZ Trees for Bees Research Trust.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2021 Bee Aware Month Kids’ Art Competition!  View all our winners here.

We are seeking sponsors for Bee Aware Month 2022.  Please get in touch if you are interested in supporting our work.