Dennis Crowley – Commercial

Dennis has been a commercial beekeeper since 1997 and is the owner of Bay Bees Ltd, a successful commercial beekeeping business that has been running for 20 years. His business operates as a wholesaler for packers/manufacturers. Dennis has a general knowledge and understanding as to what is required to sell bee products into a retail market, as this helps him deliver his bee products to their best standard. Dennis also has valuable experience with the pollination of crops, producing honey, and the farming of bees.

Dennis served four years on the NBA executive board and was strongly involved in the changeover to Apiculture New Zealand. He is President of the Bay of Plenty Apiculture New Zealand Hub. Dennis has also spent a lot of his time in discussions with Zespri International and NZ Avocado advocating on behalf of pollinating beekeepers.

Dennis has a hands-on view of what is important for grassroots beekeeping, as well as an open view to the ever-changing growth of the beekeeping industry in NZ.

Kate Kember – Commercial

Kate is the General Manager Marketing, Research & Development for Manuka Health New Zealand. As the head of marketing and communications, as well as Regulatory, Research and Innovation, for one of the largest Manuka honey businesses in New Zealand, Kate has a strong understanding of the breadth of the apiculture industry; from beekeeping practices to processing and manufacturing, the global export, business-to-business and business-to-consumer facets.  As part of this role, Kate’s regular contact with beekeepers and the wider industry has ensured she has a solid appreciation of the issues they face and how they can be supported through the national body, ApiNZ.

Kate has a wide agribusiness and commercial background, having spent over 10 years at Fonterra in a variety of marketing roles. Sitting on the Executive Team at Manuka Health New Zealand, Kate has good visibility of the performance, pressures and opportunities facing our industry, and what levers can be developed to support and drive growth on the global stage

Kate’s speciality is brand strategy, with a strong belief that success comes from brand being integral to business, and industry focus and planning.