Apiculture New Zealand Board Election

Nominations are now open for the Apiculture New Zealand Board Election 2017.

In line with Apiculture New Zealand’s Constitution, in the first year following the adoption of the constitution, three elected representatives will be elected for one year only and three elected representatives will be elected for two years only.

The time has come for that first rotation. In this election year, the following positions are available:

  • TWO market sector positions
  • ONE commercial sector position

The current members in those positions are Sean Goodwin and Stuart Fraser in the market sector and Russell Marsh in the commercial sector.

Apiculture NZ has again contracted electionz.com to manage its 2017 election process.  The election will be carried out by online voting, which means much of the election information will be sent to Apiculture NZ members by email.

Only the market and commercial beekeeping sector members are entitled to stand as candidates.

People who are members of more than one sector can nominate a candidate in each of those sectors.

Important: All candidates and nominators must be confirmed financial members of Apiculture NZ by May 2, 2017.

To join as a member click here 

Financial Apiculture NZ members are eligible to stand as candidates in each of the sectors in which they have membership.  But if they do choose to stand in more than one sector, and are a successful candidate in those sectors, they can only represent one sector.  They must choose on the nomination form which sector they would represent.

All candidates must be nominated by a financial Apiculture NZ member from the same sector as the candidate.

Completed nominations must be emailed to nominations@electionz.com and must be received no later than 12 noon on Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Nominations close at 12 noon on Tuesday, May 2, 2017.

For further details, call the election helpline on free phone 0800 666 028 or contact the Returning Officer at iro@electionz.com