FAQs for COVID-19 Alert level 3

Do I need to register with MPI to operate under Alert Level 3?

Answer: No. However, all businesses that are permitted to resume operations need to have a COVID-19 safety plan that sets out how they’ll operate safely. For businesses operating as an essential service under Alert Level 4, a new plan is not required. However, the controls they have in place need to continue once we transition to Alert Level 3. More details on safety plans can be found on the Worksafe website

Can I undertake non-essential maintenance?

Answer: Yes. A wider range of support services to beekeeping will be open, and they will no longer be restricted to working on essential business. As with beekeeping, they will have to work within social distancing guidelines consistent with Alert Level 3 and this may continue to disrupt some service functions.

Should I wear a face mask at work?

Answer: The Ministry of Health recommends if you can maintain more than 1 metre contact distance from people with potential COVID-19 symptoms, you do not need to wear a face mask.

Can I sell honey through my retail shop or via ‘gate sales’?

Answer: Not if it involves face-to-face contact. You can sell to customers for delivery through phone or internet orders, on a pick-up-at-door/ contactless basis. Consumers cannot physically browse for goods.