Apiculture New Zealand welcomes the Government’s announcement to grant $5.7 million through the Provincial Growth Fund to help secure the term “mānuka honey” for New Zealand.

“The funding is critical in realising the benefits of comprehensive protection of New Zealand mānuka honey primarily for consumers and producers, and also in how it will deliver wider economic and regional benefits for communities and iwi throughout New Zealand,” says Karin Kos, Chief Executive of Apiculture New Zealand.

A research component will also form part of the overarching programme of activity as a way of advancing the understanding and distinction of mānuka honey.

“The Provincial Growth Fund provides a structured approach to bringing together industry, iwi and Government and that will support the implementation of best available science, as well as ensuring protection of the term.”

Ms Kos says this is a big step in the right direction and welcome news for New Zealand beekeepers as it helps secure a strong platform to generate long-term value for our industry and provide stability for the future.

“We know the journey to establish protection of the term in international markets is a long one, but this announcement consolidates a collaborative Government and industry approach that is needed to ensure we realise the potential of the mānuka honey industry.”

New Zealand currently exports $350 million of honey with potential to grow into a billion-dollar industry over time.