As you probably know by now, one of the best ways the public can help bees is by planting bee-friendly plants in both urban and rural spaces. Luckily, there’s a wealth of resources out there to help you choose the best plants to suit your environment and feed our bee-loved pollinators.

We’ve gathered some links for you to help you get started:

Trees for Bees NZ 

Trees for Bees New Zealand is our go-to site for advice on planting for bees at home, in the city or on the farm. Check out their advice on the best bee plants for home gardens and farms.

If you live in the city, download the Urban Trees for Bees brochure. You can also check out their regional planting guides to find out what is best to plant in your area.

For information on the very best bee-friendly planting, Trees for Bees have a handy Star Performer list available for download.

De Winkel Yoghurt/Palmers 

BAM sponsor De Winkel Yoghurt have teamed up with Palmer’s to feature some guides on growing organically; planting lavender, rosemary and wildflowers; growing from seed and even managing garden pests in a way that is safe for bees.

Auckland Council 

NZ’s biggest city is doing its part to encourage residents to create a safe environment for bees. Check out their tips on creating your own pollinator paradise. The council has also partnered with For the love of bees and Pollinator Paths, two initiatives dedicated to engaging the community to bee good to Auckland’s pollinators.

Wellington City Council 

The capital’s council support bee-ing friendly – it’s the Wellington way. Check out their advice on helping bees and links to bee-themed art and events in the city.