Gisborne lab worker Tammy Waters has developed an interest in honeybees and hive health and will be completing a research project shortly for which she needs the help of beekeepers.

As part of a Master by thesis at the Victoria University of Wellington and she wants to find out about the distribution of Lotmaria and Crithidia in NZ and how this distribution may change over time and in different locations, and how this may relate to other pathogens in New Zealand.

She is in need of samples from Wellington areas and the entire South Island to be taken during the week of 21-25 November.

“Each beekeeper should take one sample from a robust hive of approx. 100 bees (not from a sugar shake please), freeze and then send in with a submission form (click here).”

She is also looking for beekeepers who would like to take part in a yearlong sampling project, details are included in the linked pdf here.

Beekeepers interested should contact Tammy for more details as she will have to select suitable sites.