Professional Qualifications
I hold no formal qualifications other than University Entrance. However, I have 40 years’ experience in the apiculture industry, covering commercial beekeeping, packing and exporting, coupled with extensive involvement in key areas such as market access, biosecurity, standards and regulatory matters. I am confident that these skills are the qualifications that matter.

Candidate Statement
As a key promoter of industry unity for many years, the launch of Apiculture New Zealand on the 1st of April was a major accomplishment for all involved. Its success will be judged by the benefits it delivers to all industry stakeholders through your direct involvement. I have been a dedicated and passionate advocate for the honeybee and our industry; bee health and biosecurity are absolute priorities, in particular the need to strengthen our borders and ensure the gates around our industry remain firmly shut. To deliver best outcomes, we must ensure our voice is heard, our voice is respected and that as an industry when we speak, others listen. I ask you to support my nomination to the ApiNZ Board; I refer you to my Statement of Experience and Skills for further information.

Previous Relevant Experience
I have represented industry on the following:

  • NBA/FFNZ Bees Industry Unity Working Group
  • ApiNZ Interim Governance Board
  • ApiNZ Interim Executive Council
  • FFNZ Bees Executive Committee
  • American Foulbrood Pest Management Plan
  • Bee Products Standards Council

Declaration of Interests
Hartnell & Associates Ltd – Director & Shareholder
ApiNZ Interim Executive Council – Joint Chair
American Foulbrood Pest Management Plan – Vice Chair
Bee Products Standards Council – Vice Chair
Honey Packers and Exporters Council – Committee
Federated Farmers Bee Industry Group – Chair (entity will cease 22 June, 2016)
Manuka Standards Liaison Working Group – Member
SFF PA Project – Working Group
NZ Tegel Growers Association – Board Member & Secretary
NZ Poultry Meat Producers Association – Board Member
Canterbury Poultry Meat Producers Association – Chair