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Learn about all things bees! From the history of beekeeping to un-bee-lievable bee facts.


There are many threats faced by bees in their short lifetimes. Biosecurity, disease, bugs, and pesticides to name a few!


There are many different ways we can all help bees in our own backyard. Here is some advice to get your gardens buzzing.


It is important to learn about how pesticides affect bees. We have advice for beekeepers, farmers, and the everyday gardener.




Can you give me information regarding registered hives?2017-11-28T16:16:51+12:00

• Hive numbers
• Hive registration
• Who a hive belongs to

All New Zealand beekeepers are legally required to register as a beekeeper and register their hives with AsureQuality. Visit for more information.

If you would like to find out who a hive belongs to or whether or not a hive is registered, contact AsureQuality at 07 850 2837. AsureQuality can also provide statistics on the number of registered beehives in New Zealand.

Can you tell me more about AFB and AFB training?2017-11-28T16:16:51+12:00

• AFB (American Foulbrood) disease
• DECA courses
• Apiweb
• AFB training

The AFB PMP (American Foulbrood Pest Management Plan) website is a great resource:

Or you can contact the AFB PMP office on 04 566 0773 or

Is there a New Zealand Beekeeper Code of Conduct?2017-11-28T16:16:51+12:00

The ApiNZ Code of Conduct for our members sets the standard for how our members and industry should operate in a responsible and sustainable way. It is a voluntary code that will be continually updated and adapted to meet industry needs. You can find it here.

Where can I find jobs and apprenticeships in apiculture?2019-03-06T11:06:19+12:00

We’ve launched the New Zealand Apprenticeship in Apiculture (Levels 3 and 4), which offers hands-on training, in partnership with PrimaryITO.

We don’t keep a record of jobs available. The best way to find a job within New Zealand is to contact businesses directly. Here are some other resources:

  • You can get in touch with beekeeping clubs and our Hub members for jobs in different areas in New Zealand
  • You could also ask about jobs available and check for listings in the tradeBee section of the New Zealand Beekeepers Forum.
  • Immigration New Zealand may also be able to tell you more about jobs within the industry in NZ
I would like to get started in beekeeping. Where do I start?2017-11-28T16:16:51+12:00

See our New to Beekeeping page for advice on getting started. We also recommend getting in touch with your local beekeeping club or Hub.


Where can I find beekeeping courses?2019-03-06T11:14:53+12:00

In partnership with Primary ITO, we have developed the New Zealand Apprenticeship in Apiculture (Levels 3 and 4). Read about it and register here.

Click on the links below for other providers of various apiculture courses and qualifications.


Toi Ohomai



Our affiliated clubs also offer hands-on workshops and learning days.

Can you recommend any suppliers or exporters?2017-10-06T12:01:06+12:00

We do not keep a record of, or recommend, honey suppliers in New Zealand.



How do I join ApiNZ?2017-11-28T16:16:52+12:00

You can join by clicking here and paying for your subscription online. Alternatively you can download a printable form and return it via post to: PO Box 25207, Wellington 6146 or scan and email it to

If you are renewing your membership, an invoice will be raised and sent to you upon receipt of the completed renewal form.

Membership benefits include a subscription to The NZ Beekeeper, weekly updates from the Apiculture NZ CE and discounts to other services.

Please see our Membership Benefits page for more information.

There are different types of membership depending on which sector you belong to.

The sector you belong to gives you voting rights in that sector. If you belong to more than one sector you can either sign up in each of the sectors or pick which one you want representation in.

  • Non-commercial beekeeper – fewer than 26 hives
  • Commercial – 26+ hives
  • Packers and processors – export
  • Packers and processors – domestic
  • Health products & food manufacturers
  • Affiliate industry (stakeholders including landowners, beekeeping supply companies, industry associations and government agencies)
I’ve got a swarm of bees on my property2017-11-28T16:16:52+12:00

Go to our swarm collection page and find a local beekeeper in your area who will come and collect the swarm (usually free of charge).




My neighbour’s bees are causing a nuisance. What are the laws around keeping bees?2017-10-06T11:59:46+12:00

Contact your local council as each council has different bylaws around keeping bees. See our Code of Conduct for guidance.




How do I register for the conference?2017-11-28T16:16:52+12:00

Please visit to express your interest in attending the conference in Blenheim from 22 to 24 July 2018 and learn more about it. To see videos from the previous year’s conference, click here.

Media queries2017-11-28T16:16:52+12:00

Contact us at or +64 4 471 6254 with your query, publication and deadline.