Professional Qualifications
Chartered Accountant

Candidate Statement
I believe I have enough commercial experience and qualifications to contribute as a board member on Apiculture New Zealand. I am a qualified Chartered Accountant and operate two medium-sized beekeeping operations. I am looking to forward to helping the apiculture industry in its quest to be united and professional with a priority focus on maintaining amd growing the profile as a world leader for our New Zealand products.

Previous Relevant Experience
My business experience prior to entering the beekeeping industry is as follows:

  • An Accounting degree from University of Otago.
  • 5 years with PriceWaterhouseCoopers where I qualified as a Chartered Accountant
  • 5 years as a Financial Controller for Nestle (NZ) (Turnover >$300 million)
  • 5 years as a Financial Controller for Mainland Dairy (Turnover >$800 million)

Declaration of Interests