Apiculture New Zealand is proud to have formed a partnership with OnFarmSafety New Zealand to provide essential Health and Safety programmes for its members.

The Health and Safety documents can be ordered via the ApiNZ website online shop at significantly discounted prices to members.

The core Health and Safety programme covers your policies, Code of Conduct, employment, hazard and risk management, hazardous substances, vehicles, business training, emergency procedures, accidents, and templates that you can use.

This programme will be customised to reflect your business by adding your business name, details and logo. When purchasing the documents, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire with these details for OnFarmSafety New Zealand.

Additional modules are available to assist you to focus more on various health and safety issues with your business. These include On Farm/Hive Site, Beekeeping, and Honey Processing.

About OnFarmSafety New Zealand

OnFarmSafety New Zealand is a nationwide company which specialises in helping business owners to take control of their health and safety needs, and implement individualised workable risk management procedures that look after everyone. They support businesses to take ownership of, customise, and implement their health and safety programme.

Through business support, OnFarmSafety New Zealand can work with all members to help develop their Health and Safety policies and rules so that understanding and communication is clear and defined from the owners, management, workers, and any other person who enters your workplace.

Ongoing support

Your health and safety system development is fully supported by the OnFarmSafety NZ team. One of their consultants will give you a call to make a time to come out for a free initial consultation. You can then engage with this consultant to provide ongoing support as you require. We strongly recommend that you take advantage of the support option as legislation, industry standards and compliance requirements in relation to health and safety are constantly evolving and it is the specialist practitioner OnFarmSafety NZ team who can provide ongoing advice and support.

Frequently Asked Questions 

For further information, check out our FAQs here.