Step 7:  New advanced training reduces beekeeping business compliance

A new training programme is supporting bee product RMP operators to move from six-monthly audits to annual audits.  Step 7 allows businesses to manage their RMP successfully with a greater level of autonomy, while continuing to deliver a high level of quality assurance that meets market expectations.

The frequency of bee product RMP audits is set by the Animal Products Notice: Export Verification Requirements.  This has been changed to allow RMP operators that meet certain conditions to move from two audits a year (Step 6) to one audit per year (Step 7).

Apiculture NZ has been working with AsureQuality and MPI to develop training to support businesses to move to annual audits.  Apiculture NZ has been able to secure discounted member rates for the training programme.

The programme is run by AsureQuality. For more information go here or contact Stuart Fraser: 

If you have questions about training or Step 7 contact your local verifier here.

More information about the RMP system is available here.

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