ApiNZ Unsung Hero – Buzziest Bee

The ApiNZ Unsung Hero award, also known as the Buzziest Bee Award recognises the efforts of an individual member within the Apiculture Industry, who has gone that extra mile, and given his or her time for the betterment of the industry without seeking recognition or reward.

It is an honour to be a recipient of this award and to be recognised by the Apiculture Industry. The award trophy comes with a Certificate of Recognition and a Travel Voucher, with the trophy being retained for life.

The award will be judged by the Governance Board of Apiculture New Zealand and the Chairman will present the Certificate of Recognition and travel voucher to the winner at the Conference Gala Dinner. The “Buzziest Bee” Award Trophy will be presented by the sponsor of the Award.

We are now calling for nominations from industry; please complete the information required and email to: conference@apinz.org.nz.  Nominations must be in by 8pm Friday 27 May 2022.

ApiNZ Unsung Hero nomination form
Winner of 2021 Roy Paterson Trophy Ecrotek with Brett Hopwood of Pharmapac

Winner of the 2021 ApiNZ Unsung Hero Award John Berry with his Buzziest Bee trophy.

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