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Bee Aware Month 2016

September is here and that means a month fully dedicated to celebrating bees! Not that we don’t do this all year round but we have an excuse to do so even more during Bee Aware Month.

Apiculture New Zealand is very excited to continue to run the highly successful and
ever-growing Bee Aware Month (BAM).

Be good to bees because…

BAM is devoted to making New Zealanders think about the honey bee and its critically important role in our biodiversity and economy.

NZ’s bee population contribute about $5 billion to our economy annually and they support about one third of everything we eat. NZ’s Manuka honey is some of the highest valued honey in the world.

Shifting the focus to honey – Show me the Honey

Apiculture New Zealand CEO Daniel Paul says the numbers of beekeepers and hives, particularly in the hobbyist/non-commercial sector have been increasing over the past couple of years.

The focus of this year’s campaign will be honey – it’s on our toast, in the supermarkets, in our beauty products and even has medicinal properties. Every Kiwi has a use for honey (even if they don’t realise it).

Through the theme Show me the Honey, we plan to demonstrate the increasing importance of honey – and therefore bees – to New Zealanders, Mr Paul says.

“It will be an opportunity to further position New Zealand honey as a value-added product that sits alongside Kiwifruit and our wine industry, among others, as lucrative export earners on the world stage.”

Mr Paul says this theme allows for several topics to be explored. For example, encouraging honey and honey product sales, highlighting the health benefits and multiple uses for honey, educating the public about the different kinds of honey produced in New Zealand, and their different tastes etc, and showcasing the significant economic export value and potential within the industry.

There’s a buzz in the air 

New Zealanders are celebrating BAM with a number of fun activities.

Keep an eye on the ApiNZ website ( and BAM Facebook page for lists of events and activities, competitions, giveaways and information all about honey.


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