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To support and deliver benefit to the New Zealand Apiculture industry by creating a positive industry profile, business environment and opportunities for members.


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Non-commercial sector

  • Paul Martin

Commercial sector

  • Dennis Crowley
  • Barry Foster
  • Ricki Leahy
  • Russell Marsh

Market sector

  • Stuart Fraser
  • Sean Goodwin
  • John Hartnell
  • Peter Luxton


  • To be acknowledged as the peak industry body representing New Zealand Apiculture.
  • To be recognised and endorsed by all sector participants and stakeholders as a credible and influential industry leader.
  • To create an operating environment that facilitates best outcomes for members and stakeholders, without undue interference in the entrepreneurship and aspirations of individual businesses or other groups of like-minded individuals within sectors or the wider industry.
  • To support and enable growth of the industry such that it becomes a significant contributor to the New Zealand economy.


Backing the Apiculture Industry

We work directly for Apiculture New Zealand members. Through our work, we create opportunities for members, and we sort out problems for members.

We make sure members have what they need to do business better. Our goal is to make our industry stronger and more profitable by:



At the 2014 New Zealand Apiculture Conference, industry stakeholders gave clear direction that a new way forward was required for the structure and funding of the industry.

Subsequently, an interim working group (IWG) comprising nominees from the National Beekeepers Association (NBA), Federated Farmers Bee Industry Group (BIG), the Honey Packers and Exporters Association (HPEA) and the hobbyist sector was convened under the chairmanship of Kim Singleton.

The Industry Unification Project commenced with the goal to achieve a “fully inclusive, fully funded industry group structure that will be a strong platform for future growth and prosperity.”

Apiculture New Zealand, which opened its doors on April 1, 2016, is the peak body which administers the industry, and has governance representation, employing a dedicated management team, to represent the apiculture industry in all matters on a full-time basis.

The formation of ApiNZ is a major step forward in unifying the apiculture industry and embracing the many stakeholders who didn’t see a place for themselves in the NBA or BIG.

With over 6,000 beekeepers in NZ, it is hoped that by having one strong industry body would attract a large number of members from among those thousands of beekeepers and industry participants.

Another advantage of having one industry body representing all sectors would provide more opportunity and flexibility around funding and, with improved funding streams, the industry association can do much more to support and promote the industry and to deal effectively with things like disease control and research.


There are numerous benefits to being an Apiculture New Zealand member. Our goal is to support this industry to be a billion dollar a year industry, which will benefit everyone.

Here is what Apiculture New Zealand will do for you:

  • Oppose the import of honey & bee products from countries of known risk
  • Keep pests and diseases out of NZ: border control and response planning (GIA)
  • Increase market access & added value product research
  • Fund well planned and managed scientific research to help keep your bees healthy
  • Ensure the value of NZ honey and bee products continues to hold its premium position in the global honey market.
  • Be influential and represent your voice and opinion with key decision-makers
  • Provide training and educational opportunities
  • Provide health and safety advice and systems
  • Provide employment information and employment contracts
  • Provide information on landowner contracts and fees
  • Run a national annual apiculture conference, involving key stakeholders, a forum for discussion on important issues, and networking opportunities