Apiculture New Zealand works for all sectors of the apiculture industry from backyard beekeepers, to commercials and honey exporters.  We support, advocate for and deliver benefits to the apiculture industry.  We are a voluntary membership organisation representing about 2500 beekeepers.


To create tangible value and opportunity for members through industry leadership, knowledge sharing and mutual support.


A thriving long-term future for New Zealand honey and bee products.


New Zealand’s apiculture industry is a $5 billion industry.  Its value is not just in honey and bee products, bees also play a critical role in pollinating for our agricultural and horticultural sectors.  Bees pollinate berry, stone fruit and pip fruit orchards, specialised small seed crops and pastoral clover for nitrogen regeneration.

The 2021/2022 honey season produced an estimated honey crop of 20,500 tonnes.

The value of New Zealand’s pure honey exports for 2021 was $462.1 million down from $505.5m in 2020.

Total registered hives reached 835,619 in March 2022, with 10,509 registered beekeepers.


ApiNZ was established in April 2016 after the restructure of the National Beekeepers Association of New Zealand (NBA) to better meet the needs of its members and the wider industry.

An interim working group comprising of nominees from the NBA, Federated Farmers Bee Industry Group, the Honey Packers and Exporters Association and the hobbyist sector was convened under the chairmanship of Kim Singleton.

The Industry Unification Project commenced with the goal to achieve a “fully inclusive, fully funded industry group structure that will provide a strong platform for future growth and prosperity”.

Apiculture New Zealand, started operation on April 1 2016.  It is led by a Board of directors and has a dedicated management team who work and advocate directly for industry.

The New Zealand Honeybee Care Code™ specifies practices of care that ensure honeybees are treated humanely with their physical, health and behavioural needs taken fully into account in all aspects of beekeeping operations.

It has been developed with the aim of incorporating good beekeeping practices into a formal industry-wide voluntary code that provides a tangible demonstration of New Zealand beekeepers’ commitment to prioritising honeybee health.  Read more here.

If you have questions on the Code, please contact info@apinz.org.nz

New Zealand Honeybee Care Code™


The Code of Conduct for our members sets the standard for how our members and industry should operate in a responsible and sustainable way. It is a voluntary code and that will be continually updated and adapted to meet industry needs.


Apiculture New Zealand has a focused plan to address the issues facing our industry.


Our Constitution sets out the rules which Apiculture New Zealand operates under.


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Apiculture New Zealand works directly for our members, championing our industry and working to build a stronger future for all parts of the apiculture sector.

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