About Bee Aware Month

This annual education campaign, run by Apiculture New Zealand, is all about sharing with New Zealanders some basic things everyone can do to help improve bee health.  We want to encourage Kiwis to plant more trees for bees, to use garden sprays safely, or not at all, and to buy local honey.

Every year we share resources with schools, community groups, councils and bee lovers so they can learn more about bees and take actions to improve bee health.  We also run a social media campaign aimed at educating Kiwis about bees, beekeeping and honey.

Bee Aware Month 2023

Thanks so much for your support of this year’s Bee Aware Month. Below are some images of events and activities that happened around the country during Bee Aware Month 2023.

Thanks so much for your support of this year’s Bee Aware Month. Click on the images below for an overview of the month’s activities and planting ideas as featured in the latest edition of the The New Zealand BeeKeeper journal.

This year’s theme was ‘Love Our Bees’ and we are focused on the vital role of pollination for our environment and food chain.

Follow our Planting for Pollinators posts on our Bee Aware Month Facebook or Instagram pages to get some ideas of things you could plant to help feed honey bees and other pollinators. (#beeawarenz23)


Buy bee-friendly flower seeds from Wild Forage and you’ll be supporting Bee Aware Month, feeding Kiwi bees and prettying up your garden all at the same time!

All proceeds go towards bee education in New Zealand.

Keep an eye on the Bee Aware Month Facebook, and Instagram pages for all things bees!

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