September is Bee Aware Month – a month fully dedicated to celebrating bees!

Apiculture New Zealand has been running Bee Aware Month for nine years, and it gets bigger and better each year!

This year, we are asking New Zealanders to take some simple, but effective practical steps to Love our Bees.

Love our bees by:

Feeding our bees – Bees need food and water. Planting bee-friendly wildflowers and providing a saucer of pesticide-free water for bees to drink, are simple, but very effective ways you can help improve bee health.  Well-nourished bees are more capable of fending off disease and parasites.

For more information about bee-friendly planting, click here.

Eating New Zealand honey – Our bees create a wide range of delicious, high quality honeys.  By eating these honeys you are not only choosing a healthier sweet option, you are supporting our beekeepers who work hard to care for our bees and their environment.

Spraying safely – Choose bee-safe pesticides if you are spraying your garden or consider whether spraying is necessary at all. Remember to spray when bees are away: early in the morning or at sunset.

To read more about protecting bees from pesticide use, click here.

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