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Karin Kos
Karin KosChief Executive
Karin Kos was appointed as Chief Executive in late-November 2016.
Karin has a strong background in business communications going back 20 years, covering a variety of roles including senior communications and marketing positions for corporate, government and primary sector organisations.
She brings significant primary sector experience to this role, having worked at Seafood New Zealand as its communications manager, and at the New Zealand Wool Board, earlier in her career. In both these roles Karin played a strong advocacy role, promoting these sectors on behalf of their members.
Bruce Wills
Bruce WillsIndependent Chair
Bruce Wills is Apiculture New Zealand’s Independent Chair. Bruce was first involved with ApiNZ as chairman for the Joint Executive Councils of the National Beekeepers Association and Federated Farmers Bee Industry Group during the unification of the apiculture industry.
He was appointed chair of the ApiNZ Board in November 2016 and will hold the position for a three-year term.
Bruce has a long and varied background in the primary sector. He sits on two National Science Challenge Boards, is a director of Horticulture NZ, QEII National Trust and Ravensdown. He chairs the NZ Poplar & Willow Research Trust and MPI’s Deer Primary Growth Partnership.
He is an experienced company director, a past representative of New Zealand and international farming and trade forums. He is a past Federated Farmers president and currently farms in the Hawke’s Bay.


John Hartnell
John HartnellMarket Sector
As a key promoter of industry unity for many years, the launch of Apiculture New Zealand on the 1st of April was a major accomplishment for all involved. Its success will be judged by the benefits it delivers to all industry stakeholders through your direct involvement. I have been a dedicated and passionate advocate for the honeybee and our industry; bee health and biosecurity are absolute priorities, in particular the need to strengthen our borders and ensure the gates around our industry remain firmly shut. To deliver best outcomes, we must ensure our voice is heard, our voice is respected and that as an industry when we speak, others listen.
Ricki Leahy
Ricki LeahyCommercial Sector
I have over forty years of practical beekeeping experience under my belt and operate a successful 2000-hive family owned commercial operation. The formation of Apiculture NZ is a positive step forward, however, our industry needs to be well-funded to enable sufficient investment into research and development that is so important to the natural health of our bees. I recognise biosecurity as an extremely important issue and that signing a GIA is imperative if we are to have a strong industry voice heard to keep our borders free from honey and bee product imports. No longer can we rely on voluntary input to finance our association and other industry requirements.
Paul Martin
Paul MartinNon-Commercial Sector
Our apiculture industry has shown admirable leadership in AFB control, but cannot rest on its laurels. Apiculture risks becoming a victim of its own success with the current wave of new beekeepers. The ‘non-commercial’ sector comprises the majority of beekeepers, and thus has the most exposure to any increase in disease. I have the scientific and disease control experience to contribute to Apiculture NZ in taking a lead in biosecurity and disease prevention. It is essential that Apiculture NZ is a success and grows its membership base to include the majority of beekeepers.
Peter Luxton
Peter LuxtonMarket Sector
My vision and driving interest is developing net added value for NZ’s primary sector exports. My personal goal is being able to contribute to optimising the potential of our primary based assets, utilising resources in which we have some sustainable competitive advantage, and strategically leveraging these to extract the optimal return for NZ based stakeholders.
Barry Foster
Barry FosterCommercial Sector
Any industry going through such rapid change as the apiculture Industry currently is, requires people with proven experience and knowledge to guide it and to help meet the challenges and opportunities that we all face. I believe that I have those skills and wish to offer them as a member of the board of ApiNZ to our members for their benefit and that of the wider industry. I believe that it is imperative that the New Zealand apiculture industry, with the guidance of ApiNZ, must work more cohesively in order to grow further. It is my desire in seeking this position to do my utmost to make this happen and to help implement the levels of research that are required to sustain this growth and to place our industry in the forefront of agri-based industries in New Zealand.
Sean Goodwin
Sean GoodwinMarket Sector
As CEO of 100% Pure New Zealand Honey (, a privately-owned company that operates a processing and packing factory in Timaru, I am actively involved in all aspects of the industry from a market perspective. This includes working with beekeepers, export customers and regulators. While I am relatively new to apiculture, I have experience in
senior commercial roles within large multi-national organisations and understand the demands of global markets. My approach to management and governance is one of seeking to understand the issues and resolving problems collectively.
Dennis Crowley
Dennis CrowleyCommercial Sector
With the push for increased Manuka honey production by the markets and government, there has been a proportional rise in interest in people wanting to be part of this industry. All this interest creates excitement, hype, and angst, and that doesn’t help to create a strong industry. As beekeepers we want a strong industry body that advocates on our behalf so we are able to continue with our businesses amongst this backdrop. There are going to be opportunities for new and old players in this industry, albeit they may be different to what we have now. I believe that I have the skills to help bring about the changes needed for those that want to be involved.
Stuart Fraser
Stuart FraserMarket Sector
I intend to help progress the apiculture industry in a professional manner that ensures all aspects of commerce are considered. By engaging with, and listening to the widest possible range of interested parties, I can see we have a bright future that will rely on careful consideration for each aspect of the industry membership.
Aristotle’s quote – “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” is especially appropriate for the apiculture industry as we move forward together. For all our businesses and for the future of the industry, I am especially interested to ensure we engage each sector in a way that we all grow together supporting each other.
Russell Marsh
Russell MarshCommercial Sector
I believe I have enough commercial experience and qualifications to contribute as a board member on Apiculture New Zealand. I am a qualified Chartered Accountant and operate two medium-sized beekeeping operations. I am looking to forward to helping the apiculture industry in its quest to be united and professional with a priority focus on maintaining and growing the profile as a world leader for our New Zealand products.