One of the easiest ways that to help bees is planting bee-friendly gardens, full of flowers that bees love to feed from. Bees need food, so they can help pollinate our food.

Bees will forage on these flowers for nectar and pollen, which provide carbohydrates and protein for growth and energy. Well-nourished bees are more capable of fending off disease and parasites.

The best flowers are wildflowers, which are naturally organic. They are not susceptible to bugs or diseases, can help control garden pests, and they attract bees and beneficial insects into the garden.  Check out The NZ Trees for Bees Research Trust for planting guides.

Another way you can be bee-friendly is by not spraying your garden when plants are in flower or bees are present. It is also best to spray early in the morning or at sunset. To read more about protecting bees from pesticide use, click here.

You can also provide fresh, pesticide-free drinking water for bees. If you fill a saucepan of water, put pebbles or twigs in the water for bees to rest on while they drink.

There are lots of ways that you can help bees continue to do their vitally important work from the comfort of your own garden.

If you are interested in keeping bees, be sure to check out some essential information here.

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The NZ Trees for Bees Research Trust

The NZ Trees for Bees Research Trust is our go-to site for advice on planting for bees in gardens or on the farm.

If you live in the city, download the Urban Trees for Bees brochure. You can also check out their regional planting guides to find out what is best to plant in your area.

For information on the very best bee-friendly planting, Trees for Bees have produced handy Star Performer sheets on best plants for bees which are available for download from their website.

Auckland Council

NZ’s biggest city is doing its part to encourage residents to create a safe environment for bees. Check out their tips on creating your own pollinator paradise. The council has also partnered with For the love of bees and Pollinator Paths, two initiatives dedicated to engaging the community to bee good to Auckland’s pollinators.

Wellington City Council

The capital’s council support bee-ing friendly – it’s the Wellington way. Check out their advice on helping bees.