Welcome to the New Zealand Apprenticeship in Apiculture

The ApiNZ Apprenticeship in Apiculture is a practical, hands on learning programme developed for new beekeepers to gain qualifications while working in the apiculture industry.  It was established by Apiculture New Zealand and Primary ITO in 2018.

About the ApiNZ Apprenticeship in Apiculture scheme

The apprenticeship is made up of two programmes spread over two years.

The NZ Certificate in Apiculture Level 3 programme consists of nine practical units that will be assessed on the job over the season and followed by three theory units delivered at a three-day block course.

The NZ Certificate in Apiculture Level 4 programme is made up of six practical units that will be assessed on the job, and a further four theory units delivered at a five-day block course.

Apprentices have 11 months to complete Level 3 and 10 months to complete Level 4.

Learning is done on the job and assessments can be carried out online or by a certified assessor.

Frequently Asked Questions for employers

The ApiNZ Apprenticeship in Apiculture was set up to improve the standard and consistency of training in the beekeeping industry.  We want to ensure that new beekeepers are learning all the necessary skills to become competent, independent and effective members of our industry.  By enrolling your staff in this programme you are giving them the chance to learn valuable skills which will enhance your business and you are investing in the future of apiculture.

The online learning component costs $500 +GST per business per year, for businesses that are members of ApiNZ.

You may have as many Apprentices as you wish within the programme – the charge is per business only.

The charge only applies whilst you have apprentices involved in the learning programmes and is non-refundable within each year i.e., it is an up-front annual fee

Other costs are variable.  Contact Stuart Fraser (ApiNZ Education and Skills Focus Group chair) for more information: 021 868 343 or email EducationandSkills@apinz.org.nz

For more information on the scheme please contact Stuart Fraser, ApiNZ Education and Skills Focus Group chair, on 021 868 343 or by emailing EducationandSkills@apinz.org.nz

Register your business for the online learning component of the ApiNZ Apprenticeship in Apiculture scheme.

Frequently Asked Questions for apprentices

If you are employed in a beekeeping business in New Zealand and are New Zealand citizen or have permanent residency you can apply for the apprenticeship.

Yes, the apprenticeship is only available to those already involved in the industry.  If you are not currently employed in the industry, but would like to gain qualifications in beekeeping, courses are offered through a variety of tertiary providers.

Get in touch with local beekeeping companies and share your CV.  They will be looking for people who are willing to learn, are healthy and fit (some heavy lifting is required), enjoy being outdoors, are adaptable and interested in bees.

Level 3 covers the fundamentals of beekeeping: the bee lifecycle, feeding requirements, pest and disease management as well as how to extract and harvest honey, and how to construct repair and transport hives.

Level 4 covers how to develop and implement management plans, food safety procedures and developing a business strategy.

Most of the learning is done on-site as you work with your employer.  Assessments will be carried out through the online portal or on-site by certified assessors.  You will learn theory either through our supplied courses resources, online learning portal or via block courses held annually.

To find out more about the ApiNZ Apprenticeship scheme please email:  EducationandSkills@apinz.org.nz or contact Stuart Fraser on 021 868 343.

Visit the Primary ITO website for full course and pathway details.