Apiculture New Zealand Website Advertising Information

Rolling Banner

$500+gst monthly
  • Ad Size: 471×111

  • 4 advertisements in the rolling banner which are visible for six seconds before it moves on to the next. These advertisements remain visible on every page of the website.

Bookings Advertising will be booked on a first-in, first-served basis. This means it will be first-in, first-served to book the spot for the next month, and you will not be tied down to a continuous cost, however the dates below will be strictly enforced.

Bookings for advertising are due by the 6th of the month prior to advertising.

Material to be advertised is due on the 12th of the month prior to advertising, as a confirmation. Payment is required by the 20th of the month prior to advertising, following invoice.

Payment options accepted: credit card, cheque and direct bank transfer. Files must be supplied in a high quality .jpg or .png format, and must fit the specified size. Booking inquiries can be directed to info@apinz.org.nz or 04 471 6254.