The Education and Skills Focus Group will liaise with industry and government on setting national standards that ensure continued pathways for skills and development.  As part of that, it will ensure delivery of efficient and practical training skills, relevant policy and priority setting that supports the needs of industry.


The New Zealand Apprenticeship in Apiculture

The focus group’s first three meetings held this year have been about preparing thoughts on the content for inclusion for outcomes in the NZ Apprenticeship in Apiculture.

Alongside the content, we have given careful consideration to delivery for both Apprentices and Tutors.

This work in progress will entail Industry consultation later this year around these points to ensure the very best outcomes for the future of all in the Industry.

Members of the Education & Skills focus group

Chair: Stuart Fraser, Natural Sugars
Peter Luxton, ApiNZ Board member
Moira Haddrell, Prolife Foods
Peter Ferris, Westervelt Honey
Rex Butt, Taylor Pass Honey
Larnie Muirhead, Comvita
David Campbell, Manuka Health


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