Recipe supplied by Maureen Conquer

Ginger syrup for drinks

As the healthy benefits of ginger are resurrected, it has become popular again for drinks. Try making this easy cordial.
75g fresh root ginger
300ml water
250g kāmahi honey

Thinly slice the ginger. Boil water and ginger together for three minutes. Add honey and stir well to combine. Cover and cool. Strain and then bottle in a clean, sterilised container.

Dilute to taste with hot, cold or soda water. Store the syrup in refrigerator until required.

Chef’s notes: A refreshing fruit drink can be made by adding the juice of one grapefruit or perhaps a lime with two to three tablespoons Ginger Syrup and topping up with soda. Try garnishing your drink with fresh rosemary or mint leaves for a change, which adds a nice flavour dimension.