Apiculture New Zealand is pleased to announce that Nathan Guy, will take over as the independent Chair in July 2022 from Bruce Wills who has held the role since the industry organisation was established in 2016.

Nathan Guy has a strong primary sector background, both as an agricultural leader and dairy farmer. Nathan’s experience includes 15 years as a Member of Parliament and nearly nine years in governance as a Minister of the Crown, with five years as the Minister for Primary Industries. Through those years he has built extensive networks, including at a government and international level, and brings strong governance, strategy, and business skills to the role.

“The Board is delighted that Nathan Guy is to be the new Chair of Apiculture New Zealand,” says Bruce Wills, current ApiNZ Chair until June 2022.

“Nathan’s commitment to New Zealand’s primary sector, his understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by the apiculture sector, and his ability to connect with key stakeholders here in New Zealand and abroad will be welcomed by the industry.”

“Nathan’s time as Minister has also seen him gain specific experience and knowledge of key areas including biosecurity and honey regulations, as well as experience of international markets and consumers,” says Bruce.

“I am excited to be part of Apiculture New Zealand. The industry plays a critical role in our agri-sector, contributing over $5billion to New Zealand’s economy, not just through honey and bee products but also through pollination services,” says Nathan Guy.

“There is huge opportunity to grow the sector’s value to New Zealand and I look forward to working with the Board, its members and industry to continue their work consolidating a sustainable future for the apiculture sector.”