4 June 2024

New Zealand Honey Strategy receives funding boost

The New Zealand’s honey sector’s plan for a more sustainable and future has received a funding boost through MPI’s Sustainable Food and Fibre Futures fund.

The MPI funding will support and enable a work programme to act on the recommendations made in the sector plan, Thriving Together: Futureproofing New Zealand Apiculture 2024-2030, launched at Parliament in February this year. The plan is based on three key pillars – Sustainability, Quality-Led and Consumer Focus – which support a goal of doubling New Zealand’s honey export value by 2030.

“While industry participants are facing very real challenges at the moment, the growth potential remains strong,” says Karin Kos, Chief Executive of Apiculture New Zealand.

“New Zealand is a trusted source of high-quality honey, and commands premium prices for all its honey products, not just mānuka.”

Ms Kos says the strategy considers what the industry needs to do to protect bee health and support beekeepers, as well as accelerate growth.

“To boost the sector and meet our goal of doubling New Zealand’s honey export value by 2030, we’ll focus on strengthening industry leadership, creating a sustainable industry reinvestment model, making sure regulatory needs are met to enable future growth, and creating a unique and differentiating New Zealand honey story.”

The strategy project was initiated by Apiculture New Zealand and drew on extensive engagement with those working in the industry.

Apiculture New Zealand acknowledges MPI’s support and that of industry, including the Unique Mānuka Factor Honey Association, for strongly supporting the strategy to set the honey sector on a prosperous path for all participants.

“The UMF Honey Association supports the ambition of the Honey Strategy, and we have committed to co-funding its execution, knowing the outcomes will strengthen our export position and ultimately deliver greater returns to New Zealand producers,” says Tony Wright, Chief Executive Officer of the UMF Honey Association.

MPI has committed $309,000 over two years to help progress the sector plan, with the honey sector contributing an additional $181,000.

“This funding means we can move with confidence on our priorities to strengthen the sector and enable future growth,” says Ms Kos.

A copy of the strategy can be found here.