Welcome to the ApiNZ Apprenticeship in Apiculture

Congratulations on your taking you first step in our growing and exciting Industry. We welcome your participation, your suggestions and encourage you to make the very most of every opportunity to develop skills that will help you, the industry you’re involved in and the people around you as well.

The New Zealand Apprenticeship in Apiculture

The apprenticeship is made up of two programmes, one at level 3 and the other at level 4.

The level 3 programme consists of nine practical units that will be assessed on the job at your worksite over this season, followed by three theory units delivered at a three-day block course the following winter.

The second portion is our level 4 programme, which is made up of six practical units to be assessed on the job at your worksite the following season, and a further four theory units delivered at a five-day block course during winter.

You will have 11 months to complete level 3 and a further 10 months to complete level 4, the combination of the two makes up the two-year Apiculture Apprenticeship.

We also have level 2 Primary Skills (Apiculture) and Queen Bee Rearing (Level 4) programmes in the pipeline, which will help to build a strong pathway for the apiculture industry.

Visit the Primary ITO Website for full course and pathway details –

ApiNZ Apprenticeship Fee

As part of our commitment to continuous professional development of the content and opportunities provided within the Apprenticeship, we have a fee of $500 + GST per participating business per year.

You may have as many Apprentices as you wish within the programme – the charge is per business only.

The charge only applies whilst you have apprentices involved in the learning programmes and is non-refundable within each year i.e., it is an up-front annual fee

We appreciate your support of the Apprenticeship programme and look forward to improving the standards for learning within the Industry as we grow together.

As part of the NZ Apprenticeship in Apiculture, we are looking for a small team of people to assist and support as Assessors to work in with the team from Primary ITO.

We are looking for people who have strong experience in beekeeping (as a commercial or non-commercial operator), are familiar with and follow the ApiNZ Beekeeper Code of Conduct, and can relate well to people.

Please email educationandskills@apinz.org.nz outlining your experience as a beekeeper, enthusiasm and expertise within the industry, along with your contact details.

For more information about the role, please contact Stuart Fraser on 021 868 343.