29 August 2022

Bee curious this September for Bee Aware Month.

Beekeepers are calling on bee-lovers across New Zealand to learn more about bees and what actions they can take to support the health and resilience of Kiwi bee populations this Bee Aware Month.

Apiculture NZ CEO Karin Kos says, “Honey bees are critically important to New Zealand’s environment, food chain and economy.  Bees need our help to stay healthy and Bee Aware Month is all about encouraging people to do those small, but vital things, that make a real difference.”

Throughout September, Apiculture NZ members and supporters will be sharing information about bees and bee-friendly habits. These habits include:

  1. Planting bee-friendly plants each season so bees can feed all year.
  2. Choosing plants with single flowers – flowers with one set of petals – as these are easier for bees to feed from.
  3. Providing a saucer of clean water for bees. Put a few pebbles or sticks in the water so the bees have something to stand on.
  4. Avoiding using pesticides in your garden when plants are flowering. If you must spray avoid flowers and buds and spray after sunset when bees are not active.
  5. Taking a break from lawnmowing – don’t mow so often and let the clover flowers grow.

Bee Aware Month is a national educational campaign initiated and co-ordinated by Apiculture NZ.   Beekeeping clubs and supporters around the country will be visiting schools and running events. Educational resources produced for schools, community groups and families to use are available on the Apiculture New Zealand website: https://apinz.org.nz/bee-aware-month/


Apiculture NZ is also inviting Kiwis to ‘Ask a beekeeper’ their questions about bees, beekeeping and honey.  People can submit questions via the website and our ‘experts’ will provide answers on our social media pages throughout September. (Facebook – @beeawarenz, Instagram – @beeawaremonthnz)