Apiculture New Zealand welcomes the move by the New Zealand and the European Union (EU) to secure a free trade agreement in principle which will see the removal of tariffs on all New Zealand honey into the European Union.

“The free trade deal is another excellent outcome for our industry and will improve our competitiveness in this important export market,” says Karin Kos, Chief Executive of Apiculture New Zealand.

NZ’s exports to the EU have grown in recent years to around $60 million per year.

“We have strong ties with the EU and have a long history of exporting high-quality honey products there. However, the current in-quota tariff rate of 17.3 per cent has been a significant barrier to trade,” says Ms Kos.

This deal will give New Zealand beekeepers and honey exporters a much-needed boost at a time and provide a platform to grow the EU markets to the benefit of all parties.

“Apiculture New Zealand has been seeking the removal of these tariffs for some time and we extend our thanks to the government for continuing to increase New Zealand’s competitiveness in the EU,” Ms Kos says.