The Education and Skills Focus Group has liaised with industry and government on setting national standards that ensure continued pathways for skills and development.  As part of that, it will ensure delivery of efficient and practical training skills, relevant policy and priority setting that supports the needs of industry.

The Focus Group has worked closely with Primary ITO, the national agency that supports the primary sector with training, to develop the content which is New Zealand Qualifications Authority approved.

To find out more about any of the Primary ITO Apiculture Courses see below.


The New Zealand Apprenticeship in Apiculture

The Education and Skills Focus Group is continuing to develop online learning options that cover topics like Queen Rearing, as well as the Diploma in Primary Business Management courses.

Members of the Education & Skills focus group

Stuart Fraser, Chair, Natural Sugars NZ Ltd
Brian McCall, Manuka Health NZ
Lisa Nicholson, ApiNZ Board Chair representative, Prolife Foods and Cambridge Bee Products
Moira Haddrell, Prolife Foods and Cambridge Bee Products
Trevor Clarke, Comvita
Rhys Fulton, NZ Beeswax Ltd

Notes of recent Education and Skills Group meetings: