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  • Apiculture New Zealand's bee health research and education fund has been established to allow bee-loving members of the public to contribute to research into improving bee health and education efforts around bees and their importance to our world.  All contributions received will go directly to this work.  We will provide updates on our website as to how much is raised and how this money has been spent.      
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    Apiculture NZ National Honey Competition Sponsor 2023: Kiwi Labels Ltd

    General Rules and Conditions of Entry 1. Exhibitor entries will be accepted from all registered New Zealand beekeepers, packers and exporters. 2. All award-winning honey will be available for tasting by the conference attendees on completion of judging. Winners will have their products displayed at the conference and published on the ApiNZ Conference App. 3. Exhibitors may only have one entry per class/subclass. 4. All honeys exhibited to be presented in anonymous (unlabelled) square clear PET Poly-jar with white plastic lids. Size 500gm (400ml). These jars are available from all major beekeeping suppliers in NZ. Jar uniformity is essential for fair and equable judging free from light and density variations. Any honey presented in non-regulation jars will be disqualified. NO stickers, NO markings, NO Writing. 5. All honeys presented must be below a moisture content of 18.5% as tested by refractometer. 6. All honeys entered must be naturally produced by Apis Mellifera in accordance with the Codex Alimentarius Honey Standard. The Codex is available here. 7. All honeys entered must be bona fide produce from beehives situated in New Zealand. 8. All entries must be in a zip lock bag (max. 2 samples per bag) marked with the class you are entering and must be accompanied by: A. Completed website entry form B. Copy of entry fee made either by credit card or invoice payment option (please note entry will not be valid until invoice has been paid). Referencing your order no' (eg. #12345) when making bank payment, by Friday 23 June for entry payment. C. Signed MPI Harvest Declaration form (for beekeepers) 1021-Harvest-Declaration-for-Bee-Products-intended-for-Export Please note it is not necessary to provide a MPI Harvest Declaration form if you are only entering Class K Honey Beverages. D. Signed Packers declaration (packers only) confirming that Electronic Eligibility Declarations are held covering the packed honey submitted. This can be submitted on a company letter head noting quantity and honey type. ApiNZ reserves the right to request a PDF copy of the Electronic Eligibility Declarations. 9. The judges are empowered to withhold awards should the quality of entries in any class not reach adequate standard. If no gold award given, no trophy will be presented in that class/subclass. 10. The judges’ decision will be final, with no correspondence entered into. 11. Monofloral Manuka Honey Category – Certified Laboratory Analysis results MUST accompany entries for this honey category. These must include the MPI Chemical Marker test, MPI’s DNA test and HMF test. 12. Awards will be given in each of the Classes with a Supreme Award recognising the highest scoring Exhibitor overall. The sum of the top three scores of an individual exhibitor in classes A-F being taken into account. 13. Jar Honey will be judged on general presentation, cleanliness, freedom of foreign matter, density/viscosity, clarity, colour, aroma, freedom of crystals (liquid classes) evenness and texture of granulation (naturally granulated and creamed classes) and finally, flavour. 14. Comb Honey will be judged on fullness and colour of capping’s, uniform cell size, weeping or travel staining, general cleanliness, absence of granulation, wax moth damage, brood or pollen and lastly flavour. Both sides of the comb may be inspected. 15. Please see Schedule of classes and entry criteria for any additional information or assistance with classes. Schedule of Classes 2023 16. Pfund Colour guidelines are used and entries may be moved to an appropriate category based on the following international guidelines: Light Water White to White (less than 34mm on the pfund scale) Medium Extra Light Amber to Amber (34 to 114mm on the pfund scale) Dark Amber (115mm plus on the pfund scale) 17. Delivery by Postage – must be delivered to the address at: Friend Wholesale Ltd, 1077 Eruera Street, Rotorua 3010. Please clearly mark the honey and entry parcel as follows: Subject: ApiNZ Honey Competition. Please include copy of website entry form(s) Open from Monday 12 June and close Friday 23rd June, 2023 18. Delivery in person – Delivery of honey and copies of entry form(s) are open 8am until 12pm on Monday 26th June, 2023 at the Rotorua Energy Events Centre, Honey Room. Honey entries must be paid for prior, no cash payments accepted. 19. All honey entries will remain with ApiNZ for promotional purposes.
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