Professional Qualifications
BBS – Massey 1974
DBA – Massey 1978
CDC – Institute of Directors of NZ 2012

Candidate Statement
My vision and driving interest is developing net added value for NZ’s primary sector exports. My personal goal is being able to contribute to optimising the potential of our primary based assets, utilising resources in which we have some sustainable competitive advantage, and strategically leveraging these to extract the optimal return for NZ based stakeholders. I love seeing NZ products positioned in pride of place on retail shelves around the world, and international consumers recognising and acknowledging our products, trademarks and brands as the market leaders for what’s important to them as individual consumers – quality, taste, integrity, provenance, and ultimately value – notwithstanding their premium pricing. Apiculture NZ can provide the framework to help enable all industry stakeholders achieve their individual ambitions – from protecting our own bees and production base through effective bio-security, through focussed R & D, and robust standards to ensure product integrity for our international consumers.

Previous Relevant Experience
I’m a marketing person, and have spent most of my working life involved with marketing NZ produce in international markets, including 20 plus years living and working in-market. With my background, experience and interest, I believe I can help make the best of the opportunities the industry has available.

Declaration of Interests
Being the Independent Chair of the UMFHA requires that I do not have any other direct pecuniary interest in the apiculture sector. I was a member of the Interim Apiculture Industry Governance Board (IAIGB).