Professional Qualifications
Relevant lifetime practical beekeeping experience.

Candidate Statement
I have over forty years of practical beekeeping experience under my belt and operate a successful 2000-hive family owned commercial operation. The formation of Apiculture NZ is a positive step forward, however, our industry needs to be well-funded to enable sufficient investment into research and development that is so important to the natural health of our bees. I recognise biosecurity as an extremely important issue and that signing a GIA is imperative if we are to have a strong industry voice heard to keep our borders free from honey and bee product imports. No longer can we rely on voluntary input to finance our association and other industry requirements. An element of compulsion is required so all beneficiaries contribute to industry good funding. I have the understanding and commitment to carry forward the fundamental and forward thinking changes that are required to align our industry for the future.

Previous Relevant Experience
President of the NBA for the past three years.
The co-chair of the Beekeeping Industry Advisory Council (BIAC).
A member of the Interim Working Group exploring the values in uniting the industry around a restructured NBA. An independently appointed member of the Apiculture Industry Governance Board (AIGB).

Declaration of Interests
Involvement in private company Trees and Bees Ltd. Managing Director.
Member of the BPSC.
ApiNZ Joint Executive Council Member.